August 2: Armin Gesswein’s Ordination

August 2: Armin Gesswein’s Ordination

Written on 08/02/2019
Fred A. Hartley, III

On this day, August 2, in the year of our Lord 1931, Armin Gesswein was ordained into Christian ministry. He has been called by many The Father of the Modern Prayer Movement. Armin had a significant impact on the early formation of the College of Prayer, mentoring Fred Hartley and many other young leaders. Enjoy this celebration of Armin’s ordination written by his father.

“On August 2, 1931, I was privileged to assist in the unique and epoch-making event which consecrated my son for pastoral office. We shall all talk about last Sunday’s impressive evening service at St. John’s Church many a time yet. And there is really much, so much to be said about it. Without fear of contradiction, I can say, it was the happiest day and the most felicitous event that our church has had in all these years. It is easy enough to see the guiding and directing hand of the ‘Shepherd and Bishop of our souls’ in it all. To Him all praise and glory!”

Father God, thank You for the lives of greater leaders whom You have used in the past. Raise up a new generation of revivalists today, in Jesus’ Name.

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