July 23: Exercise Authority

July 23: Exercise Authority

Written on 07/23/2019
Fred A. Hartley, III

Resist the devil and he will flee from you.
James 4:7

One of the highest honors we have as followers of Christ is the privilege of exercising authority over evil spirits.

Resistance is not normally our default posture during prayer. Resistance is counterintuitive when we pray. Normally we are in a posture of submission when we approach God and appropriately so.

When we approach the enemy, however, we need to categorically change our disposition and our posture. We switch from submission to resistance.

When you stand against the enemy, you want to stand under the authority of Christ and resist the devil head-on. This is part of your nobility as a born again believer.

Father God, today I stand my ground against the enemy, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This daily Christ-encountering, fire-starter is not intended to replace your daily Bible reading and prayer time, but rather to motivate you to spend extended time in His presence.

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