Written on 01/09/2019
Jimmie Hull

Here are some highlights of what we saw God do:

- Pastoral couples and ministry leaders were so receptive to the teaching and very tender in response times. It was a weekend of seeing God activate prayer among families. There is no way to estimate the kingdom impact that comes from the agreement in prayer among families!!!

- Jimbo Hull taught on Death to Self and Timbrel taught on Healing Wounds/seeing Jesus redeem memories. It was a heavy morning on Saturday, but God ministered deeply to people. It hurts so much to relive those tragic moments, but God removed many stings of death that had landed so deeply in people’s hearts. Death to self paved the way for complete openness to God’s healing hand.

- We continue to be amazed at how the host church’s culture has been impacted as they ingest and apply what they have learned from College of Prayer to their already existing model of ministry/discipleship. Worship leaders knelt as they sang and shared testimonies about surrendering in worship first and enjoying God’s presence. Ministry leaders shared stories with Luis Calderon about how God has begun to speak through them, giving even shy leaders capacity to minister specifically to others with the prayers that God gave them

- Unity between the national church and the U.S. C.M.A. continues to grow as we pray together. There was a lady there who had been praying for missionaries in Uruguay for 5 years.

Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom!!!!