Written on 10/25/2018
College of Prayer International

Luis Calderon recently was in Paraguay to launch the College of Prayer in our sixty-second country, by the grace of God! Wow! The report below was written by a Christian and Missionary Alliance missionary couple who were a part of the campus start. Here is their testimony:

If we could define what happened in our lives during the Module of "Lord teach us to pray", I could say it in a few words: "It changed us".  This does not mean that we did not pray before, but there is no doubt that God is always teaching us and showing His grace. How much we learned!!!  To put on each day the Armor of God, and understood clearly that we are not orphans, that we have a Father who loves us, more than we can understand and who is willing to protect us, give us direction and Revelation.

But we also saw how this blessed not only us, but also all those who participated, we were able to feel with clarity and freedom the Holy Spirit working in our midst. If something else we can say, it is not a seminar but it was a truly spiritual encounter that shook our hearts to show us that prayer is a way of life that connects us with the One who has power and has no limits to act in our favor.  We have been marked by the Holy Spirit to be men and women of prayer. GLORY TO GOD.

Written by: Olga y Luis Felipa
CMA Missionaries in Paraguay