Written on 07/01/2018
Fred Hartley, IV

Our largest footprint, as a ministry, is in Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Kale Hewatt Denomination consists of over 9,000 churches and their vision is to launch a College of Prayer campus in each of them.  This year, we entered into Year 2 of the College of Prayer training, Lord, as Families, Teach Us to Pray. They loved it!

We had a team from the United States consisting of 4 couples: Fred and Sherry Hartley, Donn and Lavoughn Thomas, Jim, LuAnn and Maddie Eaton and my wife, Joanna and I. We went to lead 2 modules, the first with zonal leaders and the second for the Ethiopian Parliament.

At each of the modules, God met us in significant ways. These dear Ethiopian leaders love Jesus.  When we had times of corporate prayer, they would pour out their hearts to Jesus. There were many tears. The lesson on Healing Wounds was particularly strong at each module. We had husbands and wives face each other and answer those questions listed in the book. Jesus ministered His love and Christ brought forgiveness and healed wounds. The zonal leaders were so moved, they began praying for Christ to heal the wounds of people in their churches and congregations.

At the end of each module, it was humbling to hear the reports of what God is doing through the College of Prayer in the Ethiopian Church. There were great reports of our curriculum being used in churches, children's ministries, women's ministries, military groups and in other ministries. God is using this training to strengthen the church in Ethiopia and to reach a lost world through a revived church. To God be the glory!