Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Written on 03/05/2018
Pastor Yasser Vidal

On March 2-3, we were in Villa Fundacion, Peravia province of DR to launch a new College of Prayer campus. Pastor Freddy de los Santos and I (Yasser Vidal) taught the lessons.

Villa Fundacion is a very rural community within this province. This was my first time going there. God manifested His power with words of wisdom, knowledge, faith and healing.

Here are some of the highlights:

- Each one of the 65 attendees (including 8 pastors) confessed and conquered the sin of prayerlessness.

- The host pastor was so sick (high blood pressure and migraine headache) at the beginning of the module that we had to take him to a nearby hospital. The next day I called him in faith to stop by the church before returning to the hospital for a new check-up, to come and receive prayer. Although he told me to pray over the phone, the Lord told me that he needed to come to the church. He agreed and obeyed and came to the church. As we prayed for him, the Lord healed him and then stayed for the rest of the module. He was so grateful to Christ. You can see him smiling in some of the pictures below with the Church on Fire book I gave him.

- The Spirit brought such conviction of sin and unforgiveness that everyone fell on their faces. There was total freedom in Christ.