Written on 11/14/2017
Jimmie Hull

La Molina, Lima Peru Nov. 3-4, 2017

Before we started in La Molina, God gave me (Jimbo Hull) a vision of a heart trying to beat but it was surrounded by old ruins, dry and hard, squeezing the heart and putting pressure on what the heart was made to do. God met these dry and weary people who work too hard and pray too little.

The highlight of La Molina happened at the end of the day on Saturday, when a pastor was given the microphone and gave a testimony of what God did through the ministry of the College of Prayer. He was on the verge of resignation, after years of over-active ministry, and especially following a couple months of intense activity. This pastor, together with his wife, broke down in tears as they explained they were ready to walk away from pastoral ministry. His wife gave testimony that she did not know what to do for her husband, and knew he was struggling with the pace of ministry. Too much work and not enough prayer. God met them this weekend and reinvigorated them. He gave testimony that after meeting the Lord this weekend, he is now ready to conquer the world.


Trujillo, Peru - Nov. 7-9, 2017 

The small church, that holds about 160 comfortably, was packed from the first night and more and more showed up every night, reaching beyond 300 people. We had just started the first night and Luis preached - Come! And they came. Every single person bowed and prostrated themselves in the Presence of the Lord and stayed there for quite a while. This was the environment every night. These people are hungry and want more in Trujillo.

The church’s small groups are no longer meeting in the usual way, but every day of the week they are gathering at 6 am for an hour of prayer. On Saturdays, the whole church gathers at 6 am for prayer. Not a day passes without beginning the day in an hour of prayer at this church. They have had to go to 5 services on Sundays as there are over a 1000 people wanting to come to church on Sundays. They are looking to plant another church because of the overflow.

The Lord gave us several words the first day. The first of which was WAIT! We waited every night and every night we saw God move. Another word we received the first day was that God was going to move and activate young people for the nations. We waited.

The last night there were so many people crammed into the church, they were literally overflowing into the street. At the end of the evening, Luis called the young people to the front. between 75-100 young people came forward. God moved on them in such a way that every one of them wept before the Lord. Visions were seen of other lands and assignments were given to go to those lands. We asked the Lord for the nations, and He gave a double portion of Robbi Fanberg’s heart for missions to those young people. Robbi and Chuck planted this church in 2000, and this year she went into the presence of the Lord after a long battle with cancer. God honored His servant, and passed the baton to the next generation in Trujillo and gave His blessing.


Lima, Peru -  Nov. 10-11, 2017 

We gathered with these two churches, along with leaders from other churches as well, for two days. There was a reignited fervor as the Lord continued to battle a Jezebel spirit of control that has plagued many churches in Lima. We saw more crumbling and cleaning up of this demonic stronghold that has been in place for years. As these pastors are seeing the hunger of their people and encountering the refreshing Presence of our Lord, their focus is changing. They are realizing their first and primary work is prayer. They each have begun local campuses among their people, and they are seeing God pour out His Spirit in these last days. One testimony from our host family was that since the COP started in April, there has been a marked difference in the church. Hungry people are coming to pray, and God is meeting them in blessed times in His Presence.