Kigali, Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda

Written on 10/05/2017
Fred Hartley, IV

Our training consisted of 55 pastors from 3 different countries (Rwanda, Congo and Togo). We trained in the Advanced Leadership Training and much of Year One. Our sessions with these leaders took off like a rocket. At every College of Prayer gathering, we start with high worship. Africans know how to worship! There is so much joy, as they have incredible rhythm and dance. Throughout our gathering, we experienced high worship, deep repentance, forgiveness of sins and freedom from strongholds, being filled with the Holy Spirit and being empowered for ministry.

It was an honor to watch our African College of Prayer leaders in action. Both Pastor’s Willy (our Regional Director for Africa) and Pastor Kisose (Sub-regional Director for Congo) are men of God being used mightily. One powerful moment following a teaching on the Manifest Presence of Christ, Pastor Willy stood up and shared the story of Elijah and the prophets of baal. As he finished the story with God bringing fire, and the people declaring their allegiance to Jehova, the fire fell on these pastors gathered in our session. Each of us were in awe of God. 

Out of this gathering, there are plans in place to launch over 100 campuses in the country of Congo within the next 3 months. The Congo currently has 350 campuses and a vision was shared and prayed for, at this training, to have 1,000 campuses in Africa’s largest country.  

Pastor Willy said following the training, "I am expecting an explosion after this ALT."

Thank you Jesus, for what You are doing in Africa.