Alicante, Spain

Alicante, Spain

Written on 08/14/2017
Stephen Hartley

There were 40 young adults that came to Spain from a large church (2,000 people in regular attendance) from the Netherlands for the College of Prayer. God met the needs of the group in many ways.  

First of all, there were some in the group who did not have a relationship with Jesus and many who did not have assurance of Salvation. During the College of Prayer, two made first-time decisions to follow Jesus and at least 15 received assurance of salvation! Praise the Lord!

Then, nearly everyone in the group received various levels of deliverance! God ministered deeply to at least 8 people who struggled with self-harm and suicide. By the end of the College of Prayer, they were set free. Their faces were glowing with hope, joy, and peace! God also delivered many others from various addictions including smoking, bitterness, sexual immorality, and more. God is good! Praise the Lord!

We spent more than 4 hours praying "Our Father in Heaven." During this time, the young people were to ask God, "Show me your love." As I looked around the room nearly everyone was crying. Many of them said, "God spoke to me for the first time! I have always heard that God loved me and heard about the love of God. Now for the first time, I KNOW God loves me! He spoke to me and showed me His love!" The Father love of God ministered to these young people in incredible ways! Praise the Lord!

God also ministered physical healing. The last day that we were gathering, my nephew Allan shared how he suddenly had a sharp pain in his back. I mentioned it to the group and asked if anyone needed prayer for back pain. Well, there were five people who came forward. It was remarkable! God touched each back! One was an older lady (who I frankly had very little faith for). She said the next day that her back was COMPLETELY better and was dancing! Praise the Lord!

Finally, I gave an invitation for people to commit to building "Upper Rooms of prayer" among the nations. Nearly everyone committed to this! It was really remarkable. It was not a soft invitation either. Quite the opposite - it was really a high challenge. The majority of the young people said to the Lord, "Here am I, send me" (Is. 6:8). Many of them gave their lives to the Lord to be used in whatever way God would choose. Five of them actually heard God call them to be missionaries to Spain! Praise the Lord!

The Netherlands leaders were enthusiastically grateful for the ministry. They said, "We cannot begin to tell you all the testimonies we are hearing from the students!" The leaders of this large church have invited the College of Prayer to serve their people. The date and time for this have yet to be determined. Please pray with us as we ask, "Lord, give us the Netherlands!"