Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific

Written on 06/06/2017
Don Young, Pioneer Director

I just returned from being in Asia Pacific for the past two weeks. I was in a number of very sensitive cities and working in some creative access areas. One place had never had a western teacher so it was the most sensitive.  I was told it would be safe and we should go because several hundred Pastors and leaders were hungry for the teaching and needed to be trained in revival prayer.

When we arrived the church was packed with people. It was in the middle of a wheat field. Farmers all around were harvesting wheat. We went through a small drive way and into the church. The worship was powerful and we began teaching on the Lord’s Prayer Pattern. What a blessing to hear these dear believers pray with tears as the approached the Father and received His love.  The Manifest Presence of Jesus was certainly experienced. We continued teaching on the power of the Holy Spirit, how to hear from God, and the anointing that comes from ministering to His Presence.

We finished around 4 in the afternoon and then met with the main leaders. They said that someone may have seen us enter and to be careful because the authorities would be notified and try to close the training. There were two laws that were being broken by our time with them.  A Westerner cannot teach and no more than 50 could meet at a time. We were already over 250!

We had no idea that the police had already alerted 6 patrol cars to invade the training in the morning. They wanted to catch us in the act of teaching. We declared the protection of the Lord and His Sovereignty over the church and each pastor and leader. We went to the home of a local business man and slept without fear.

One of the policemen scheduled to raid us in the morning was a believer. He was troubled about what to do. If discovered he would lose his job, be sent to prison and likely lose his life.

The Lord woke him up at midnight and told him to call the host pastor of the College of Prayer training and tell him of the planned raid. He did, and just a few hours before the scheduled raid, we were taken out of the city and the training rescheduled for small groups, and when the police arrived there were no Christians present and the doors were locked.

All 250 delegates were notified via the network system and everyone was safe. The police had the lead guy in for questioning, and he had nothing to say. When asked about a westerner in the area, his response,” yes we heard there were many westerners in town looking at agriculture equipment.”  (That in fact was the case.)

He was released and everyone was spared! That was a God Thing!

Thank you for your prayers. God heard them and dispatched some warring angels. That is why we never leave home without our prayer shield. Keep holding us up so we can keep lifting Him up in places that no one else will go!

Here are just a few nuggets of praise from our three cities:

  • Many prayed to receive the Fathers love and break off the Orphan Spirit. So many never heard their earthly father say he loved them it was hard to understand how their heavenly father could love them. It was so powerful as so many with tears prayed to receive the Fathers Love.
  • Hundreds came forward with a list of names of people that abused them during the teaching on the Power of Forgiveness. They later testified of how healing took place in their hearts when they forgave and released.
  • A number were delivered from bandages of fear, performance, and self-hatred.
  • One had the spirit of suicide broken
  • Several had generational curses broken

During this trip, 320 campuses of the College of Prayer were started in areas where persecution is high and every pastor expects he or she will be in prison in the next 12-15 months unless God intervenes.

I was with warriors, men and women who feared nothing but God and walked in the power of His Spirit like none I have seen anywhere else. I will be forever changed.