Update From South Asia

Update From South Asia

Written on 03/29/2019

Jon Mitchell recently returned from a trip to Sri Lanka and Nepal. He spent time at our Hub Campuses in these nations. He writes the following report:

Thanks to so many of you who interceded for me on my recent trip back to Nepal and Sri Lanka to continue mentoring and training College of Prayer leaders in these nations. It was a great encouragement for me to see how God is using us to strengthen, grow, and unify the Church in South Asia, and it’s always a blessing to minister alongside our leaders “on the ground” there who work so hard to coordinate, lead, and minister day-in and day-out. Here are a few testimonies:

“Before attending this College of Prayer I was empty. Now after the 3 days I'm completely filled.” - Nepalese Church Leader

“Last year [March 2018] I attended the College of Prayer and the teachings and experience I had were different than any other meetings I have ever had. I went and held the College of Prayer in my church and there are many changes that have happened in the church and we could see the growth in ministry afterwards.” - Sri Lankan Church Leader

“Thirty-two years now I have been ministering but I have never heard of the secret of the Lord's Prayer Pattern, especially the 7 rooms of prayer. It was a new revelation to me. I am thinking, ‘How could I waste 32 years of ministry without knowing this?’ The time we had of destroying the strongholds of satan I felt some strongholds in my mind that were hindering me. God healed me and gave me freedom from all those strongholds. Also, I felt the importance of ministering to the presence of God. Many times we minister for the Lord and we are proud of that, but ministering to the presence of God is very important.” - Sri Lankan Pastor