iGNITE 2019

iGNITE 2019

Written on 02/15/2019

The annual gathering of the College of Prayer International, iGNITE, was held February 7-9 in Atlanta, GA. The theme this year was "Proclaim His Name!" It was the largest annual gathering we have ever had with church leaders from 15 nations were represented. The three days were filled with God-encountering worship, Spirit-led prayer times, powerful teaching, and life-giving fellowship. Here are a few of the testimonies we received:

"I have been healed. I felt the love and embrace of my beloved Father. Now I feel empowered to reach the nations (my workplace) and come in the name of the Lord."

"As I go back, I will, lead with His name and proclaim His name. There is nothing the name of the Lord can't cover!"

"God gave a name [to me] in the 1st session. It confirmed my past ministry and present service. It has given encouragement and confirmation for my next steps of obedience."

"He restored my soul. He brought me back to center. Life drags us off the trail and leaves us parched, but worship fills us and renews us."

"He demonstrated just how much He loves me. He showed me that He directs my every step. He showed me that He will place/position me exactly where I need to be for Him to equip me for His will/plan/destiny for my life. He will equip/prepare me for Himself."

"Ignite helped me to see love and equality among all races."

"I definitely grew closer to [God] during this time. Every problem I had was mentioned through people who don't know me. God gave me the clarification I needed."

"This opened my heart more to call out His name in the beginning of my prayer and at the end of my prayer and to declare His Lordship of everything He has given me. The best thing He gave me was Him. That is why He will always be the Lord of my life."

"I came to iGNITE for the first time this year. I have to learn to pray, to trust and believe in Jesus. I came on Thursday in pain [in my arm]. That did not stop me from worshiping and so many brothers and sisters were praying for my healing. By the time service was almost over Friday, I was without pain. Today, I have no pain. Although the bone is not healed, I have no pain. I truly believe that God made a miracle."